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Garden edge Pro palisade is an alternative method to any wooden or concrete barriers. The biggest advantage over the traditional methods it’s the durability and the ease of installation. Special system of hidden joints allows to create any lengths and shapes in an easy and quick way. Palisade is a traditional design in a modern and ecological approach. In comparison to any traditional timber palisades is a lot more durable and it’s a perfect alternative for years to come without any maintenance.

+ It’s a great alternative to expensive and time taking concrete palisades and less durable wooden palisades.

+ Palisade ideally separates lawn from barks or stones which takes the finish of your garden to another level.

+ It can also be used as a protection to trees or flowers.

Highly flexible that enables creating circles, semicircles or straight pathways.

Perfectly complies with any plants in your garden and provides.

Perfect look for a long time.

Color variants available







Types of palisade

Palisade 17cm

length width (with pins) height (no pins) thickness weight
1000mm(+/-2mm) 240mm(+/-2mm) 170mm(+/-2mm) 5mm 0,7kg (+/-0,05kg)
length height (with pins)
1000mm(+/-2mm) 240mm(+/-2mm)

width (no pins) thickness weight
170mm(+/-2mm) 5mm 0,7kg (+/-0,05kg)

Palisade 22cm

length height (with pins) width (no pins) thickness weight
1000mm(+/-2mm) 290mm(+/-2mm) 220mm(+/-2mm) 5mm 0,9kg (+/-0,05kg)
length height (with pins)
1000mm(+/-2mm) 290mm(+/-2mm)

width (no pins) thickness weight
220mm(+/-2mm) 5mm 0,9kg (+/-0,05kg)

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