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Garden Floor Grid Pro

We are thrilled to introduce our innova- tive Garden Floor Grid Pro – a product born from recycling. Made from high-qu- ality materials, this garden grid is desi- gned for long-lasting use and resistance to weather conditions.

Thanks to intelligent design and preci- se execution, this grid allows free water flow while providing excellent slip re- sistance.

Regardless of weather conditions, our garden floor grid maintains its properties, eliminating the need for regular maintenance or special care treatments. It’s a per- fect solution for those seeking a product that offers functionality, aesthetics, and style.

The Garden Floor Grid acts as an effective scraper across the entire surface, ensuring that all sand, dust, and other dirt fall underneath it. As a result, cleaning your patio can be carried out much less frequently than with traditional tiles; anything stubbornly remaining on top will be pushed down where it awaits your gracious attention. This means you can enjoy a beautiful and clean patio longer than ever before. Often bother- some cleaning can now be carried out at much longer intervals, giving you more time for relaxation and pleasure.

The garden floor grid is easy to install, without the need for specialized tools or skills. Thanks to a unique connection system, assembly and disassembly become quick and easy. Additionally, the grid can be easily cut to size, allowing for perfect fitting to any surface.


Excellent for user surfaces: Ideal for production halls, garages, sports fields, and even balconies and patios. Our garden floor grid is universal and versatile.

Technical Data

Material Durability Quantity of grid per square meter Colors
Polypropylene 2 tons of pressure 6,71 pieces Anthracite, Gray, Green

Our garden floor grid has a PZH certificate and a hygiene certificate from the National Institute of Health, confirming its safety and quality.

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